Energy Globe Award
Salzburg 2020


“Circular Print” is winner in the category “Sustainable Plastics”

The Energy Globe Award is the world’s most prestigious environmental prize. Each year, it honours outstanding, sustainable projects with a focus on resource conservation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

Our project "Circular Print", which deals with the 100% circular solution for plant labels, was awarded as winner in the category "Sustainable Plastics". 

Problems with material recycling of heavily printed plastics come from the fact that printing inks are not temperature-stable and break down into strongly outgassing and smelling components during recycling. In some cases substances that are hazardous  to safety are also produced. For the first time worldwide 100% recycling of heavily printed plastic sheet products was achieved with "Circular Print". As a result, the ecological footprint of a product could be reduced from around 2,500 to less than 500 kg CO2/t. With approx. 40,000 tons of sheet products annually in Europe, this results in a huge savings potential.

Our Mission

All life on our planet depends on the presence of our green fellow beings. As printers, designers, photographers and gardeners we combine our skills to inspire for plants. This brings nature and humans together to a certain extent.

Our roots lie in the art of printing, invented by Johann Gutenberg. The soil on which we grow is the gardening industry. We owe our growth to our committed employees. The fruit are enthusiastic customers.

This company exists because hardly any advertising company shares this enthusiasm for plants. It is the combination of gardener, printer, designer, photographer.


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