Consistently sustainable

In order to limit global warming, climate protection is becoming an increasingly important issue for all of us. Besides the effects of climate change, legal requirements and possibly tax levies will soon affect everyone and influence business decisions. We at Renner Print Media have already created all the prerequisites and have now taken the step towards climate neutrality as of February 2022.

Through a wide range of measures and investments, such as in photovoltaics, we have been able to reduce emissions to a great extent. In addition, with Circular PP we have developed a material with an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions. Any remaining unavoidable emissions are compensated by us via a regionally recognised climate protection project. This allows us to guarantee climate neutrality and also support regional climate protection.

What does climate neutrality
refer to in detail?
What does climate neutrality
mean at Renner Print Media?

All emissions, e.g. those related to the electricity consumption of our machines or vehicle fleet, are reduced by us as far as possible and compensated where they cannot be avoided. Our customers can use a climate-neutral supplier when proving their value chain and thus actively reduce the overall emissions of their own company!

What does climate neutrality
of Circular PP mean?

Climate neutrality of Circular PP means that the entire production chain - from raw material to waste disposal at the consumer - does not change the balance of the earth's atmosphere. Through consistent recycling management, a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions was made possible. Remaining unavoidable emissions are compensated via a climate protection project.
We bear these costs for our customers and can therefore offer Circular PP not only optionally, but generally in a climate-neutral manner.  

The respective certifications - climate neutrality for the company and for Circular PP
Communicate climate neutrality.

If you speak openly about climate protection measures, you enhance your own brand as a responsible one. Plant labels made from Circular PP can therefore be credibly labelled as climate-neutral (see image).

The use of the label is available to our customers at no additional cost.

Save what can be saved. Compensate for the unavoidable.

The first priority in climate protection is the reduction of emissions. Remaining unavoidable emissions are compensated at Renner Print Media via the following recognised regional project.

Climate project + ocean protection
1 t CO2 + 10 kg plastic, Worldwide

A certified climate project combined with additional commitment

This combined project contributes to the financing of a certified climate project and additionally supports international ocean protection. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution via a certified climate project, 10 kg of plastic is collected in coastal regions. This intercepts plastic before it enters the sea and protects sensitive marine ecosystems.

Plastic Bank empowers ethical recycling communities in vulnerable coastal areas. Community members exchange plastic at local collection branches for life-improving benefits, such as health and life insurance, meal vouchers, and secure income.  

Sustainable Production.
Measures at several levels.
Green electricity with own photovoltaic system

Our new photovoltaic system has covered every square metre of our roof area with PV modules. For this, the hall construction had to be reinforced and strong investments had to be made. But now we have our own little power plant right on our roof. This will produce a large part of the electricity we need.

Reduced colour- and varnish consumption

We use advanced colour management technology to achieve significant ink volumes while improving print quality. New varnish form rollers with a special surface enable a reduction in the amount of varnish of over 30 %. In addition, we recommend that our customers do not use varnish at all for suitable products.


Polypropylene (PP) is the best material for plant labelling. It has one of the lowest CO2 footprints. It is water-resistant, tear-proof, durable and, unlike many other types of plastic, environmentally neutral. PP does not release any harmful substances into the environment. For this reason, we prefer to produce on PP.

of wastepaper

Printing production generates "waste paper". These are sheets of paper or plastic that are needed to set up the machines and are then sent for recycling. Through colour management, printing press technology and improvements in prepress processes, we have been able to reduce the amount of waste by many tonnes per year.

Renner bees.
Be good
plant beefood
We support beekeepers
and their bees

Already in kindergarten we learn about the importance of the bee for flourishing landscapes, the preservation of our food diversity and pollination in agriculture. For Renner Print+Media, bee protection starts with beekeepers. They know what bees need. We must therefore show them that their work is important! Beekeeping is expensive and involves high initial investments. That is why we support the care of currently 15 bee colonies. Our own bee truck is located near our company building on the edge of one of the largest forest areas in Central Europe, the Kobernaußerwald.

Sarahs success with the bee colony

In an idyllic place at the edge of the forest, one could say in the middle of nowhere, stands an old train carriage. The grinding on the tracks is long gone, the wagon is now surrounded by the buzzing of bees. A beautiful flower meadow and many bee plants in the lovingly tended garden court the bees' favour. With a combination of caring, conscientiousness and ingenuity, Sarah looks after the Renner Print Media bee colonies. Even the much-feared Varroa mite seems to find no place in this magical place. Thanks to a self-developed, ecologically compatible method, the bee whisperer succeeds in keeping the bee colonies in the best of health. 

Our Mission

All life on our planet depends on the presence of our green fellow beings. As printers, designers, photographers and gardeners we combine our skills to inspire for plants. This brings nature and humans together to a certain extent.

Our roots lie in the art of printing, invented by Johann Gutenberg. The soil on which we grow is the gardening industry. We owe our growth to our committed employees. The fruit are enthusiastic customers.

This company exists because hardly any advertising company shares this enthusiasm for plants. It is the combination of gardener, printer, designer, photographer.


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