Print Media and Sales Support

New client advertising products, repeat customer mailings, theme orientated customer magazines or technically competant sales catalogs; through an optimal combination of these advertising media one can always reach the right target group and thereby promote sales.

Advertising Flyers and Leaflets

Brochures and leaflets for mailings have been proven to assist new customer aquisition or widespread advertising of seasonal highlights and campaigns. Our brochures are characterized by group targeted emotional design and perfect image material and can be fully customized to your individual appearance and product range.

Direct Mail Postcards

Repeat customers are the foundation of a business. One can reach your valuable target group through the use of Direct Mail, regular promotions, special offers or personal invitations to the start of the season. Hardly any other promotional tool has had such a high response rate. Mailings bind your customers to your business and allow you to stay in regular touch.

Theme Magazines

This magazine series provides not only an emotional presentation and a real added value for the customer, but also the expertise of a specialist firm. Built like a typical garden magazine with technical tips, ideas for recipes and editorial content, these magazines are suitable as a gift or for customer support. Cover pages can also be customized individually for your needs.

Product Catalogs

One cannot ignore the impact of a printed catalog, even in times of tablets, smart phones and online shops. A high-quality product catalog with perfect image material and professional colour-management plays a crucial role especially for the professional sale of young plants and seedlings. Renner Print Media provides a complete production cycle from the first layout to print, alternatively also only specific parts of it, like image editing and colour management, depending on your needs.