Photography and Image Library

To the consumer, good images play an important role in the perception of a product. Attention must be earned and so the product alone is no longer sufficient. A high-quality visualisation creates anticipation favoring a spontaneous purchase decision.


A special plant-photography equipped showgarden area and an in-house photo studio for indoor settings, photos are made that reflect the high level of expertise and many years of specialization that Renner Print Media has in this field. Our photographers not only place the product in the best possible light, but also spark the imagination of the customer with realistic arrangements. It goes without saying that the resulting images represent the highest technical quality standards and are suitable for all applications.

Image Library

One of the main distinguishing advantages of Renner Print Media for over 20 years is that we provide a botanical image libaray with thousands of high-quality images for the special requirements of the Green Branch, These pictures are available to all our customers for products that get created or produced in-house as well as in many other applications.