Labels and Packaging

Packaging and labelling are essential for todays' successful plant sales. The goal is to provide temptation, visualization and professional information in one. The current trend is towards remarkable layouts with large images and extensive information.

Tags and Labels

We produce various formats and shapes according to your needs and based on your assortment lists, also adapted to your business image and the product logo. We can draft an individual die cut or use one of the hundreds of our freely available forms - at all times with good graphics of course


Also for hang-tags we offer hundreds of different shapes. A larger area for the image and graphical presentation is one of the advantages of hang-tags. Apart from the standard cord there are numerous creative variants and colours available, e.g. Gold or Silver.

Clip Labels

In cases whereit is possible to fix the label directly to the plant stem, clip labels are a common variant. The label can therefore be placed in a prominent position and gives the product a valuable character.

Labels on Sticks

The use of sticks for label attachment gives the impression of a higher quality product to the consumer. Particularly with larger or more luxuriant plants, the label is situated in front of the plant so as to offer better visibility. Special application can be seen with, for example, "flower simulation labels" that support the sale of non-flowering or weak-flowering stocks. Various lengths and shapes of sticks are available to fit your requirements.

Pot-lock Labels

Specifically for use on woody plants and perennials, this label deserves special attention. Remarkable features include large images, a perfect combination of price and product information, use of the pot as an advertising space, and a safety-lock system.


Carrying handles provide the perfect combination of functionality and advertising medium. Larger shapes, which show the products' final application or project a theme, are the current trend. Our technicians take care about the construction of a suitable lock for your tray.

Pot and Hanging Basket Covers

Pot and hanging basket covers in individual shapes, provide attention to your packaging, already starting from pot sizes of 6 cm and in relatively small numbers. The perfect alternative to printed pots, when quantities and other parameters are unknown just before the sale.

Printed Pots and Boxes

Printed pots or outer boxes for trays are, besides labelling, an effective advertising medium to emphasize trademarks and logos and are a visual upgrade for you presentation. Our graphic designers will help you create an effective solution.

Sleeves and Substrate Packaging

Don't leave the graphic design of your bags and substrate packaging to chance. Most of the time, this is the only communication channel to the end user and is crucial for it's price-performance perception. We design your packaging with a focus on target group, brand appearance and in accordance with the technical specifications of your suppliers.