Sustainability in everyday production

Renner Print Media is commited to sustainability and active saving of resources. So that these are not just empty words, concrete investments and measures were undertaken to evaluate everyday processes.

Caring for the environment by reducing print waste

During print and final production of printed products waste is created. This waste is plastic or paper sheets which are used to set up the machine and for achieving the optimal coloring and are then fed into the recycling process as waste sheets. Through optimized color management, the latest print machine technologies and improving processes in our in-house prepress, Renner Print Media was able to reduce the waste sheet portion by many tons per year. This saves resources, costs and ultimately better for the environment.

True resource conservation through waste-free production

Despite all measures taken, waste material is unavoidable in printing and punching processes. This waste is collected to 100% and fed to raw material recovery. In particular, the high-quality recycled polypropylene is used to produce plant post and similar products.

Modern technology reduces consumption of ink and varnish

With the installed modern Color-Management-Technology at Renner Print Media - an electronically calculated color composition per sheet, it is possible to considerably reduce the amount of ink and at the same time gain better image quality. Addionally Renner Print Media invested in a new varnish application roller with an innovative new surface which enables a reduction of varnish of over 30% at the same gloss level.

Traffic reduction through sophisticated warehouse logistics and a central production site

Renner Print Media operates the total production in one production site und has a local storage for raw material, to drastically reduce unnecessary transportation. The large stock of material allows Renner Print Media very fast reaction to short deadlines. In addition, the air conditioning of the material, especially with plastic, is an essential requirement for consistant high quality in the printing process.

Heat recovery from process exhaust air

The drive of the machines which are used for production at Renner Print Media produce waste heat. Normally this waste heat would get lost in the surroundings. However, through the use of a heat exchanger, Renner Print Media uses this heat for heating the building and hot water supply.

Green IT

Green IT refers to the efforts to make the use of information and communication technology (IT) over the entire life cycle as environmentally and resource friendly as possible. Renner Print Media actively implements this idea in the the following manner: all essential server systems run in a virtual environment. This drastically increases the hardware efficiency and at the same time reduces the number of necessary computer systems. The benefits speak for themselves: firstly, energy is saved for the operation of the data center, secondly less secondary energy for cooling is needed and thirdly, valuable resources are saved by reducing the amount of server systems.

We print Climate Neutral

Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Individual companies must make their contribution. The use of climate neutral printing products provides companies with the ability to quickly and easily protect our climate.

When printing climate neutral, greenhouse gas emissions which emerge during the printing process and the used material, are being calculated accurately so that the biggest emission generators and reduction potentials can be identified. By investing in internationally recognized climate protection projects, the unavoidable CO2 emissions can be balanced and offset printing products can be produced climate neutral.

The process is transparent by identification labeling with an order-related and thus individual ID number. By entering this ID on climate neutrality of your order is comprehensable for partners, customers and employees.

Renner Print Media offers climate neutral printing in cooperation with the climate protection consultancy Climate Partner. You can find more information on or through our contact form.

Climate protection through recycling of all packaging materials

Despite good intentions proposals for climate protection often stay mere lip service. The collection and recycling of packaging, however, make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases. Renner Print + Media continues to be active in climate protection as a licenced partner of ARA AG (Altstoff Recycling Austria AG).

100% Ökostrom (EcoPower)

Renner Print Media is powered by 100% ecological and climate neutral electricity. About 90% of consumption comes from local small hydropower plants in the province of Salzburg. The rest is operated from wind power, biomass and other renewable electricity. Thus, the electricity used by Renner Print Media is free from nuclear risks and 100% CO2 neutral. The energy revolution - already implemented daily at Renner Print Media.